Flying away from the comfort of an asphalt runway and landing off-airport is an amazing sense of freedom. New and Veteran pilots alike are hooked on Backcountry flying after a few flights with our instructors. Low & Slow brews a connection between the pilot and the airplane that you can't achieve in a typical traffic pattern.  C3 specializes in Tailwheel Endorsements that change how pilots look at flight, and we offer advanced tailwheel training for the next-level adventurer.

“The only place I considered doing my tailwheel training other than Alaska was Texas, and it was because of Tres. The experience was both educational and exciting from beginning to end. Loved flying in the Texas Hill Country, and can’t wait to go back.” - Chris Palmer


Flight is arguably one of man's greatest achievements, and there has never been a better safer time to become a pilot. Technology has modernized the skies and regardless of your background, becoming a pilot will be one of your greatest achievements.

C3 Flight Training has been built around the adventure of flight. Focused on stick and rudder instinctual flying, our techniques connect the pilot with the airplane.  C3 promotes adventure within all its flight programs, with an embedded priority on safety.


Pulling the yolk back and feeling that plane take flight for the first time is one of the greatest feelings you’ll ever experience! Becoming a pilot is a special experience that will change your life forever.  To take your friends and family anywhere you want is a privilege few get to experience.  We work with students of all ages from all backgrounds to make that a reality.


Many people dream of "One Day" becoming a pilot; it's something everyone wants to do, but are intimidated by the process.  Other people think they may not like being in a small airplane... our Intro to Flight Course is a 1-day course that introduces you to the fundamentals of flight in a classroom setting. After some basic lessons, we get you in the air and allow you to take control of an airplane on your first day.



Is it that time again? If you've been flying often, expect 1 hour of ground and 1 hour of flight time.  If it's been a while, expect more time to complete the review. Submit a booking request below, and we will email you a list of what you should be prepared to cover.



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