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Pulling the yoke back and feeling that plane take flight for the first time is one of the greatest feelings you’ll ever experience! Becoming a pilot is a special experience that will change your life forever.  We work with students of all ages from all backgrounds. We are very flexible to work around your schedule and build a custom plan that fits your needs. A typical student finishes the program in 6-9 months with 60-80 hours logged in an airplane. It’s all based on your availability and how comfortable you get in the airplane. We will teach you to fly right and fly safe; schedule a meeting to see if we are a right fit for what you are looking for in a flight school.

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"I could not recommend a better instructor. Tres was extremely flexible to my schedule and made sure I was ready to be a safe and confident pilot.  I can't recommend him enough" - Clint Choate

"Tres is truly a one of kind instructor. I’ve always felt that every lesson was customized for me, not just checking boxes, but truly helping me become a better pilot.." - Paul Farmer

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