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C3 Floatplane pilots fly a 2014 CC-18 Top Cub on Wipline 2100 Amphibious floats.  Our normal Private and Commercial ASES course is 3 days in length.  Day one and two will be a combination of ground and about 3-4 hours of flying per day.  Day three will be your checkride that will consist of an oral section and a flying section.  This course is about exploring the fun factor of aviation.  Your first water landing will typically yield a chuckle and a big grin.  Pulling into a dock for lunch, will be your favorite $100 hamburger you have experienced.  We tell everyone, "This is an awful airplane and a terrible boat but a whole lotta' fun!"  At the end of the course you will receive around 8 hours of flying.   

Floatplane Rating

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WHAT TO BRING-  Bring a closed toed shoe that would be conducive to flying and on the dock.  This is a course with a checkride so bring note taking material for the ground school and iPad with foreflight or sectional and FARAIM.  You will also want to pack a small bag with a change of clothes to take to the airport just in case you get wet.  We recommend you bring your own headset but we will have one if you forget.  We have both traditional style and lemo plugs.  Lastly dress for the weather the Top Cub doesn't have great environmental controls except for opening the door during flight for fresh air.     

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